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7 Ways to Celebrate Poetry in the Classroom

April is National Poetry Month, and what better time is there to teach our students all about poetry?! There are so many ways to celebrate poetry in your classroom, and today I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to teach and explore this fascinating genre!!

Character is Key: Promoting Character in the Classroom

As teachers, we are tasked with teaching so many different concepts and skills. We spend countless hours planning and implementing academic lessons that will prepare our students for the lives ahead of them. But for me personally, there is no task more important than teaching my students to be good people.

Setting the Tone with Scary Stories

I love a good scary story!! Especially during this time of year. The weather is starting to cool down, leaves are falling from the trees, and the days are getting a bit gloomier!! With Halloween upon us, it's the perfect time to break out those scary stories in the classroom. I am thrilled to share with you some favorites from my 5th grade classroom!!

Exploring Non-Fiction in the Elementary Classroom

I had the great honor and pleasure to write a blog post for the Teachers Pay Teachers Blog. I chose to write all about how I use and teach non-fiction in my upper grade classroom!! Click HERE to learn about how I make non-fiction come to life for my students!!

Classroom Must-Haves That I Can't "Picture" Myself Teaching Without

Every teacher has those few supplies, books, and resources that they couldn't possibly teach without! Along with my fellow bloggers over at Upper Elementary Snapshots, we decided to share all about our Classroom Must Haves. We are sharing the things that we simply could not "Picture" ourselves teaching without! Before you go today, be sure to also check out the "Must Haves" of the fabulous bloggers below, and enter our Giveaway at Upper Elementary Snapshots!!

Reinventing Reading Response Journals

As teachers we are constantly REINVENTING THE WHEEL!! Although it can be time consuming, one thing I love about my job, is that I get the opportunity to learn, grow, create, and RECREATE year after year!! I have been using Reading Response Journals in my classroom for over 10 years, and each year I make slight changes in the process, style, and implementation. The Reading Response Journals that I am about to share are a culmination of ideas from the past 10 years!!

Must-Haves for Back-to-School

EEK!!! This is one of my favorite times of year!! I must admit that although I love and value my summer, I am HUGE school supply addict and I LOVE shopping for Back-to-School!! Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, I have discovered some amazing supplies that I absolutely MUST HAVE for this school year....

Monday Made It

Awww!! Sweet, sweet summer!! This is the time when I come back to life, and finally have the time to design, create, and share!! Today I am linking up with one of my favorite teacher bloggers over at 4th Grade Frolics for her linky, Monday Made It!!! I am sharing two projects that I am currently working on!!

Close Reading Toolbox FREEBIE!!

Well, my school year has barely ended, and call me crazy, because I am already planning and creating for next year!! I have a list a mile long of new ideas that I can't wait to try out for next year. My first one?!?! Close Reading Toolboxes!!

Social Studies Projects for the End of the Year

Fun and engaging social studies projects to use throughout the school year. Perfect for upper grade students in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade!!

I love spending the final weeks of school working on projects with my students! While we complete a variety of projects throughout the year, my students become project-making machines after testing!! And we love every minute of it!! At this point in the year, the stress of fitting in curriculum has vanished, students have become project-completing experts, and frankly I just need some great content to fill our final days!!

Encouraging Summer Reading

I spend the entire school year working to instill a love of reading in each and every one of my students. It certainly is not an easy task!! I have to choose just the right read-alouds to engage all. I work with students individually to establish reading goals and to find books they love at their reading levels. We practice responding to texts in meaningful ways, teaching them important reading skills, while still loving to read. By the end of every year, I am such a proud teacher, when I see how much my students have grown, and how much they absolutely LOVE to read!! But, I still worry that summer is going to come along and wipe away all of their hard work!! (and mine!!)

Engaging Lessons To Explore Geometry

Geometry is one of those wonderful math subjects that can be so much fun to teach!! It lends itself to engaging HANDS-ON and UP-AND-OUT-OF-YOUR-SEAT lessons!! These are some of my favorite lessons for teaching geometry!!