Book-A-Day Challenge

Check out my Book-A-Day tab at the top to see what books I am reading for the Book-A-Day Challenge. I am constantly looking for new picture books and novels to read aloud to my students. So, that's mostly what I will be reading this summer. Please share any book ideas you have!


  1. I almost bought "The Lemonade War" the other day and didn't-now I wish I would have! I will definitely put it on my "to read" list!

  2. Mrs. Rojas,

    Read "The Penderwick's" ... it is a "touch the heart book about a family adventure. Very cute. We did a lot of predicting all the way through.

    Another favorite of mine is called "The Empty Pot". It is set in the time of kings and queens. The premise is about "lieing".

    Love you blog - very attractive and informative.


  3. Thanks Connie for the suggestions! I picked up The Penderwick's from my classroom today. I bought it at a Book Fair but never read it. Happy to add it to my list this summer. Thanks. I'll have to check out The Empty Pot as well.

  4. Great read a loads my kids loved... 1. Fire girl 2. 15 minutes (it was new so I read it at the end of the year, this year I'll do it at the beginning because it's a great way to show kids writing and journaling!) I have more but can't think of them without them near me!