Creating a Class Thesaurus

A few years ago when I was teaching 6th grade, I had my students create a Class Thesaurus. It turned out to be an amazing activity. While going through my old 6th grade files, I came across the Thesaurus we created and realized that this same idea would work with my 4th graders. I can't wait to do this activity next year!

Here's how it works:

1.   I typed up, printed, and cut cards for 30 common verbs and adjectives.
2.   I put all of the verbs in one paper bag and all the adjectives in another.
3.   Each student randomly picked out one verb and one adjective.
4.   For homework they had to find as many synonyms as they could for each of their words.
5.   At the end of the week I collected their lists and created our class thesaurus!
6.   I made copies for each student to use as a writing tool throughout the year.

Below you can find the verb and adjective cards, the synonym list, and a sample of our class thesaurus from 2008. To share click on the pics!