Daily 5

Jen from Runde's Room inquired about Daily 5 for upper grades. So, I thought I would share my implementation and success with the Daily 5 in my 4th grade class this year...

o      We do the "Daily 4" in my classroom: read to self, work on writing, word work, and listening (I left out read to someone).
o      Unfortunately for my students, they do not get to choose when they participate in each activity. I have a rotation schedule set up (mostly because I want everyone to get a chance at the listening center). See schedule below.
o      The students get a chance to read to self and complete word work each day.
o      I create word work packets for students, which include pages from their reading workbooks and other worksheets on grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.
o      My students participate in writing every other day.
o      During the writing portion students write in a journal. At the beginning of the year I give them a list of prompts, which they glue to the inside cover of their journal (see below). Once a week, I usually will give them a specific writing assignment, based on something they have learned in class.
o     On the days they are not writing, my students are at the listening center, where they listen and follow along to a novel.
o     At the beginning of the year I teach students about each activity and how to transition from one to another. After a few weeks, it becomes automatic, and I am left with 45 minutes a day to work with students on reading and writing.
o     It’s AMAZING!

Feel free to share the resources above my clicking on the pics.