New Reading Resources

My grade-level partner and I have been thinking about revamping our reading and writing programs. To help us develop new ideas we are reading a variety of books about literacy this summer. I just finished a great book called The Inside Guide to the Reading-Writing Classroom by Leslie Blauman:

As usual, when I read a book about teaching, I find wonderful new ideas. At the same time, ideas from the book often spark other ideas of my own. After reading this book I developed the following new reading resources:

1. In the book, the author describes her students' Book Lover's Books (BLB). These journal-like books are the foundation of her Reading-Writing Classroom. One of the first sections in the BLB is "Comprehension Strategies". I created blank pages for the different comprehension (thinking) strategies that she mentions. These will be used for note-taking. 

Comprehension Strategy Pages: 

2. Another section that the Blauman includes in her Book Lover's Books is a Vocabulary section. Based on her ideas, I created a Vocabulary Organizer for students to use when they come across words they do not know.

3. One of the last sections in Blauman's Book Lover's Books is a glossary of literary terms. I created one of my own.

4. This next one I have seen, heard, and read about in so many different places. Status of the Class. My grade-level partner used a form of this last year and the results were amazing. It encouraged student accountability and provided motivation for her students to read. I decided to give it a try next year, so I created one of my own. 

5. Finally, based on more ideas from Blauman's book, I created the following lists:

Shopping List- This is a place where my students can write down books that they would like to have added to our classroom library.

Student Favorites- This is place where my students can write down books that they read and loved, and which they want to recommend to their classmates. 

Teacher Favorites- This is a place where I will record my favorites!

All of these will be put on clipboards and added to my classroom library.

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