Summertime is Here!

Summer has officially begun! Although I have been on maternity leave since the beginning of March, today is the first day of summer break for my husband (also a teacher) and my 8-year-old daughter. That makes it official. Summer is such a nice time to relax, have fun with the family, and take vacations. However, I do find that we get a little stir-crazy after a few weeks. So, besides spending time with my wonderful family, here are my plans for filling those idle moments:

1.   First, I am going to take on Donalyn Miller’s Book-A-Day Challenge. I am going to set aside 30 minutes (or more) a day for my daughter and me to read. I am always looking for new picture books and novels to read aloud to my students. I just bought a huge stack from B&N to get me started. Today I read Sun and Spoon by Kevin Henkes and tomorrow I am going read The Lemonade Wars by Jacqueline Davies.
  1. I am still working on developing a “writing program” to use with my 4th grade students. I received many helpful hints, words of wisdom, and suggestions from my fellow bloggers. Now I need to start piecing all my thoughts and ideas together into a meaningful writing program.
  2. My district just adopted a new math curriculum for next year: Everyday Math. While I it seems like an amazing program, it seems very overwhelming. I brought home boxes of materials and plan to tackle them ASAP!
  3. Blogging, blogging, and more blogging. It’s been less than a month since I started my blog. However, it has become an obsession (I was warned that this would happen). I can’t help myself from sharing every new idea I have. But more importantly, I spend much of my time blog hopping, and seeing the wonderful ideas that other bloggers have shared.

I love the summer! What a wonderful time to have fun and relax, collect myself again for the next school year, and make plans for my new kiddos, who I will meet in the fall. 


  1. It's scary how addictive blogging becomes, isn't it?
    Enjoy your holiday.

  2. What an amazing blog you have!! I am hooked and will be back:)

  3. I LOVE the idea of using NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in the classroom, but even if you don't do the program in November, they have some fantastic resources to help kids with story development.