100 Legos

Teaching Blog Addict is having a Linky Party to share activities for the 100th Day of School. Last year when I was teaching 1st grade, I had so much fun with the 100th day. We spent the entire day celebrating with different activities. One of my favorites was 100 Legos. We are a little Lego-Obsessed at my house and we have huge tubs of them. My husband and my daughter helped me to put 100 pieces in 20 different zip-loc bags. On the 100th day my students were each given a bag. They had to see what they could build with the 100 legos they were given. They worked on these throughout the day between other activities. At the end of the day they drew a picture of what they made and wrote about it. Here is a sample of the page they used for writing:
{Click on the picture to share!}

Next time, I think I would take pictures of my students' lego creations and then add them to their writing later.