Book Whisperer - Walking the Walk

First, I want to begin by saying what an inspiration Donalyn Miller has been for me. Last year when I started at a new school, it seemed that most of the teachers in third through sixth grade had already read The Book Whisperer. You can tell by the climate of the classrooms and the enthusiasm of the students that reading is a huge priority. I am so glad that I read The Book Whisperer and have been able to join my colleagues in the pursuit of teaching kids to love reading.

Before this chapter even begins, there is a quote from one of Donalyn’s students that states:

“I feel really bad about all those good books out there waiting for me to read them.” –Parker

I can totally relate to this one. I have a stack of books that I want to read this summer, and each time I select one, I feel bad for all of others that are left behind. I try to remind myself that I will eventually get to all of them.

For me, the overall theme of chapter 5 is that children need to see us {their teachers and parents} as book lovers to develop their own love of reading.  

Here are some inspiring lines from this chapter:

"My credibility with students and the reason they trust me when I recommend books to them stems from the fact that I read every day of my life and that I talk about reading constantly." {page 106}

"...the instructional edge goes to the teacher who sees reading as a gift, not as a goal." {page 109}

" is not too late to develop a love of reading. 'Fake it until you make it.'" {page 112}

"Share with your students what you enjoy about the books you read, what makes them hard for you, and what strategies you use to get through challenging reading material." {page 117}

"Remember that you are the best reader in the room. Embrace that, and wear your reading love proudly in front of your students every day. The reality is that you cannot inspire others to do what you are not inspired to do yourself." {page 118}

And now for a Linky Party…

I think that many of us would love to build a classroom {or home} environment where ALL of our students {or children} love to read. Share one way that you inspire your students to develop a love of reading. One way that I try to share my love of reading with my daughter is with Book Stacks.

I constantly have a stack of books that I want to read, and I read during every free moment I have.  This summer I am keeping two stacks: one with books I have read, and one of books I still want to read. I am having my daughter do the same. She loves seeing the size of her stacks change as she reads more books. Each time she adds a book to the stack of books she’s read, I see a little sparkle in her eye and a sense of pride in her smile. Here are pictures of both of our stacks:
Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for 30 students to keep stacks of books they’ve read and books they want to read. So, book stacks take the form of book lists. My students have a list of books they’ve read and a “Someday List”. Click on the pictures below to view and share!

Now, it is your turn: Share one way that you inspire your students to develop a love of reading