Post-It Posters

I Love Post-Its!!! You can find them all over my house and classroom. I try to find different ways to use them in the classroom. Kids seem to love Post-Its too, as they are always so excited to use them!!!
One way I use them in the classroom is to make student-generated posters. For example, last year I did several lessons to teach my students about replacing boring, dead verbs, with more exciting, strong ones. I taught them to look for them as I read aloud and as they read independently. I created a poster with black butcher paper, titled it, "Strong Verbs", and hung it on the wall. As my students came across strong verbs from reading, they wrote them down on individual post-it notes and posted them on the butcher paper. By the end of the week, half of the large poster was filled with tiny, brightly colored post-its. It didn't take too much longer for them to fill the entire poster. The best part was that they continued to use that poster throughout the year as a reference when writing. It always made me smile whenever I would see them go over to the poster with their writing notebooks to find words.

I am so bummed that I didn't take a picture. I definitely will next year. Last week when I remembered the idea, I had my daughter create a mini version while she read:
{Imagine this 10x bigger!}

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