Yummy Pancakes and Writing with the 5 Senses!

Teaching Blog Addict is hosting a Summer Workshop called Yummy Learning Activities (teaching with food). Here is an activity that I did last year when I taught 1st grade. One of the stories in my students' anthologies was If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff.
One of the activities that we did to go along with this story was to write about pancakes using the 5 senses. I bought a box of mini pancakes at Costco and gave each student one to eat with syrup drizzled over the top. Before they ate them we brainstormed adjectives to describe how they looked, smelled, and sounded. Then I let them eat them with their fingers. While they ate they called out adjectives that described how the pancakes felt and tasted. I kept a chart on the board with the 5 senses and the adjectives that my students came up with. After washing their hands, of course, my students used the words on the board and the writing paper below to write about their pancakes.
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My students loved this activity. Of course they did...they got to eat something sweet and be messy! Meanwhile, I got some great writing assignments out of them!!!