Story Mats {for home & school}

I found this adorable dinnertime idea at Positively Splendid {via pinterest, of course!} A guest blogger on her blog created Dinnertime Doodle Mats. For all of you mommies out there, these are a great idea to keep your kiddos busy while you cook dinner, and they lend themselves to great dinnertime conversation.
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I love this idea for my own daughter and plan to make them for my home. However, my second thought was that these mats could also be very useful in the classroom. What a great way for students to map out their stories. So, I decided to create something similar and classroom friendly.
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Instead of titling it THE STORY OF MY DAY, I decided to leave the last part blank, so that students can write about whatever they want. I plan to put these in sheet protectors so that my students can use dry-erase markers to fill them out and erase them as needed. 

Be sure to visit Positively Splendid to see the other adorable place mats. You can download them for free and laminate them for your own family dinnertime enjoyment!!