Teacher Toolbox and a B2S Freebie!!!

As I wait to get into my classroom, I find myself keeping busy with project after project. My latest project is My Teacher Toolbox...
{Terrible iPhone pic, I know}

I saw one of these tool boxes on Pinterest and found mine at Lowes. I added paper and borders to match my classroom colors. I can't wait to fill it up with supplies! I'm excited to have one place to go to get everything I need!!!

We go back to school on August 24th and are not {officially} allowed back into our rooms until the 15th. But, I am already putting together all of my B2S activities. These include an auto-bio poem, a letter students write to themselves, a scavenger hunt, etc. This year I created one more to add to my collection:

Just a little something for my kiddos to get to know each other!
{Click the pic to share!!!}

Happy B2S!!!