Teacher Toolbox Q & A

I was so thrilled to see the overwhelming number of comments regarding my Teacher Toolbox!!
{Click the pic to see the original post}

 I wanted to take the time to answer some questions and share the labels I used...

Question #1: What toolbox did I use and where did I get it?
Answer: The tool box came from Lowes and it is called "Stack-On 32-Drawer Storage Cabinet. They also come in different sizes!!  Click the pic to link to Lowes.
Question #2: How did I make the labels and would I be willing to share them?
Answer: I typed up the labels on word and printed them on colored card stock. Then I added some embellishments to the larger labels. Click on the pic below to view in google docs.
To create your own labels you would need 14 labels that are H 1.38" x W 2.00" and 8 labels that are H 2.12" x W 4.25".

Question #3: How did I stick on the labels?
Answer: Uh... with a little invisible tape. Ghetto, I know!!! Not very crafty, but it worked and you can't see the tape.

Question #4 What size is it and where am I keeping it?
Answer: It isn't too big. Dimensions: Width 19.83 inches, Length 9.63 inches, Depth 6.38 inches. I plan to keep it on the counter behind my desk. I 'll have pics on Monday {once they finally let me into my classroom!!!}

Overall, this is was such an easy and simple project. I hope I was able to answer all questions. If you decide to make one, please share pics!!!