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For the upcoming school year I would like to revamp our Daily 5 "Word Work" options. Last year during that rotation our students completed worksheets on previously taught grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills. I want to take less of a "drill and kill" approach for this year. I am working on a few different ideas. The first is to have a Word of the Week. Each week I will pick a new word {possibly related to academic vocabulary or a content area}. One option my students will have during their daily word work rotation will be to complete a graphic organizer for that word. I have seen many of these throughout the years, and even more recently in the blog world. I created the following to use this year:
{Click the pic to share}

I have a few more things in the works, and will share as I complete them!! 

I would love to hear what your students do for Word Work in the upper grades. Please share!!!


  1. I love this idea!!! Perfect for upper grades. :) Thanks for sharing it!

  2. thanks... I have something like this BUT I like yours a lot better!!!

  3. Fantastic idea for the older grades. Great to store these together. Lots of info in each!

    Cheers for sharing!
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  4. If you want to integrate Tech into Word Work they can create a short video on a word using Animoto and include everything on your organizer including a picture. Check out my blog to see how animoto works and how to sign up! Or you can use VocabularySpellingcity.com


  5. I have also been looking for new things for the students to complete during word work. Here are a few that I have found:
    -Students write word on one card and definition on another and play memory game
    - Pictionary
    - Dictionary Dig: find the word in dictionary, write the page number and two guide words at the top of the page
    - Crossword puzzle

    To add to Mrs. Shephard's tech idea, you can also have them create a word cloud using Wordle. Include the word and words to describe (examples, non-examples, part of speech, etc)

  6. I love this. I LOVE all your printables. Thanks so much for sharing the way your do.
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  7. What a great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you...you've saved me time and energy in making a printable. I like to use different organizers for vocabulary every week---keeps the practice somewhat fresh.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  9. Thanks for sharing! I don't really have a "file" of ideas for word work for my 6th graders. This really helps. I also like the tech integration ideas from Mrs. Sheperd and Patti about using animoto and making a word cloud. I showed my 6th graders last week how to use wordle.net for word clouds-never thought about using it for vocab! Thanks!


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  11. I am loving your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas! I also teach 4th grade, and do Daily 5. Here are some of the activities we do that the students like best:

    -choose a sort (sort the words into 2 or more categories ie "words I like/don't like" "boy words/girl words" "outdoor/indoor" etc)
    -rainbow write (they use their colored pencils and write the word, then trace it in each color)
    -stamp it up (use stamps and stamp pads to stamp their words, or stamp them into clay)
    -string (write their words in cursive in string)
    -story (write a story using 10 of their words)
    -comic (draw a comic strip using 10 words in the word bubbles)
    -look and find (see how many of your words you can find in a given book)

    Some of them seem elementary, but they work!

  12. Does anyone know how to pin ideas from this blog to Pinterest? I would like to share in a big way some of your great ideas!

  13. This is what I have done. I use google chrome instead of internet explorer as my search engine. It has a taskbar at the top and you can add the "pin it" thing to the taskbar. That way no matter what site you are on you can just pin the images and it gives credit to them. Hope that helps!


  14. Before we engage our students in the word of the week, we have them write the word in the center of a circle map. They write what they think about the word in one color and in another color they write what they already know about the word. This gets them thinking about the word before they see the actual definition and use in context. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  15. I absolutely LOVE this and I "stole" this and use it with my 6th graders every week! They love it and it has turned out to be a great bell work activity! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  16. I've been wanting to create a Boggle board for awhile now, but wasn't sure how to go about it.... until now! Thank you for this post!!

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