Word of the Week Freebie

For the upcoming school year I would like to revamp our Daily 5 "Word Work" options. Last year during that rotation our students completed worksheets on previously taught grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills. I want to take less of a "drill and kill" approach for this year. I am working on a few different ideas. The first is to have a Word of the Week. Each week I will pick a new word {possibly related to academic vocabulary or a content area}. One option my students will have during their daily word work rotation will be to complete a graphic organizer for that word. I have seen many of these throughout the years, and even more recently in the blog world. I created the following to use this year:
{Click the pic to share}

I have a few more things in the works, and will share as I complete them!! 

I would love to hear what your students do for Word Work in the upper grades. Please share!!!