Lots & Lots of Lists {11 Freebies!!!}

Are you a LIST LOVER like me??? I am constantly making lists for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, at home and in my classroom. It occurred to me yesterday that my list-making habits have really rubbed off on my students. They have become quite accustomed to creating and using a variety of different lists in our classroom {thanks to their wonderful teacher of course!!} I love when I see these lists out on my students desks, being used to record or support their learning. So, I thought I would share! Feel free to click on the pics to download your own copies!!!

The following 3 lists are kept on clipboards in a basket on top of my book shelves. My students use these to recommend books to their classmates, find book suggestions, and suggest books that they would like for our classroom library. 

These next 3 are lists that I have provided for students to use during reading and writing. The character traits list we use often when discussing characters in our read-alouds and in students' independent reading books. Students are often asked to record traits and evidence, and this list is a good jumping of point for them. {This list is two-sided}

The Strong Verbs list was actually put together by my students from last year. They collected words from their own reading and then we put them together in a class list. They found so many great verbs, that I thought I would use the list this year while my current students work to create a new one. {This list is two-sided}

The All Kinds of Adjectives List is a compilation of adjectives from many different lists I found online. I was looking for a resource for my students to use to help "spice up" their writing. However, it was difficult to find one printable list that I liked, so I combined a bunch to create a list that worked for my kiddos. {This list is two-sided}


Next I have 2 lists for students' independent reading books. The Someday List is a list of books that students want to read at some point. Maybe someone else has the only copy... or maybe they don't feel they are ready for a book just yet... or maybe they just have so many books they want to read, they just need somewhere to write it down! Either way they record these books on their Someday List.

These last three lists are where my kiddos collect strong verbs, descriptive adjectives, and favorite quotes from their own reading. I have plenty of these on hand because they are filling them in like crazy!!!

At the beginning of the year I was a little worried about overwhelming my kiddos with so many lists. But they love them!! They love to record their learning, and they love to have a place to go to as a reference. I hope that you will find some of these useful in your own classroom!!! ENJOY!!!