Interactive Math Notebook - 3rd Edition

My family and I took a quick vacation down to San Diego and spent some time at Sea World and Lego Land! Now that I'm back, I'm racing against the clock to finish my Interactive Math Notebooks before I have to go back to work to start preparing for the year. I just finished my 3rd Edition... Geometry!!!

In 4th grade there are only 3 geometry standards. But, I broke a couple of them up in order to thoroughly address each.

Take a look...

Points, Lines, Line Segments, and Rays...



And more...

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You can also check out my Notebook Pages for "Number & Operations in Base Ten" and "Operations & Algebraic Thinking".


  1. I love you....ha ha....I want it all....!!!!!!!

  2. I REALLY wish you taught 6th grade. :)


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