Interactive Math Notebook

It seems that everywhere I look, teachers are posting or pinning ideas for Interactive Notebooks. While I have found so many wonderful ideas and teacher-made products to implement a language arts interactive notebook, I really wasn't able to find anything that I thought would meet my needs for teaching the common core math standards. So, I decided to do what I always do when I can't find what I'm looking for...

I created my own!

I created my Interactive Math Notebook based on the 4th grade common core math standards. This particular edition covers the standards related to "Number & Operation in Base Ten". 

Take a peek at the cover and some of the pages...

These notebook pages can be used to introduce or wrap-up each standard. I plan on using them at the end of lesson or unit to reinforce what students have learned, and so that they will have a guide to look back to when these standards are reviewed throughout the year. 

For each concept or skill, I have provided materials for a double-page spread. The first page includes the title, standards, "I can..." statement, and explanations, examples, tips, and/or illustrations related to the concept or skill.

The second page gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning, with additional sample problems or tasks for them to practice.

Some of the standards include multiple pages, covering different strategies. For instance, for multiplication, students will learn the traditional algorithm, partial products, and lattice multiplication. 

Visit my TpT store for more info and to preview other pages.