Interactive Math Notebooks - 4th Edition

I finally finished the 4th Edition of my Interactive Math Notebooks. This latest edition covers common core standards from the Measurement and Data domain...

Check it out...


Measurement Word Problems...

 Measuring and Sketching Angles...

 Using Line Plots to Solve Word Problems...

And more...

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You can also check out my Notebook Pages for "Number & Operations in Base Ten",  "Operations & Algebraic Thinking" and "Geometry".

One more 4th grade notebook to go... Fractions!!! Yikes!!!


  1. Yay! They look awesome! Are you going to bundle them? If so, I'll wait to buy the units. Nice job!

    1. Thanks so much! I do plan on bundling them. However, I also plan on offering the 5th one for free for those teachers who have already purchased the first 4. That way it isn't unfair to those teachers who have already purchased the other 4!

    2. I just bought Geometry, Measurement, Algebra, # Operations and Fractions. Love them and wish they were bundled. Didn't get the 5th free;(

  2. Those look awesome! Good luck with fractions!

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  3. Great Ideas for me to use!!! Now what about 5th grade...I would love to see grids where we can draw multiplying fractions...are you working on that :)