Collaborative Conversation Cards for Common Core

I have been looking for ways to address some of the Common Core Standards for Speaking & Listening. In the past I have always based students' grades in this area on oral presentations. I wanted something to address standards related to group and class discussions. So, I created Collaborative Conversation Cards to use during my Language Arts Rotations...
During my rotations, I have a rotation that we call "Rug Work". My students sit on crate seats on the rug and work together to complete different comprehension tasks. I decided to add a Speaking and Listening Component, as well. I plan for my students to use the cards to discuss different literature and informational texts that they read independently, as a group, or as a class. {Speaking & Listening and Reading Standards in one! Kills two birds with one stone!!!}
Part of the standards related to Speaking & Listening, state that students should come prepared to discuss topics and texts. To help students prepare, I created "Come Prepared Cards" to assign for classwork or homework, prior to class or group discussions...
The standards also state that students should follow agreed-upon rules and carry out assigned roles. I created Conversation Rules for students complete in groups or with the class, and Collaborative and Conversation Role Cards for students to learn and practice different roles. 
Finally, I created a rubric to use to observe students during Collaborative Conversations. 
I put it all together into one nifty package, which you can find at my TpT Store! I can't wait to start using this next week!!


  1. Hey! Did you ever try Socratic Seminars? During student teaching (oh my 3 years ago), my cooperating teacher practiced it with her students. It was based on current events (which covers non-fiction texts!!) Students had to prepare their debate & stance with other students & as the teacher, you just observe & notate the key points students addressed.

    It was really informative & it allowed me to see what students really thought about the "real world."

    1. That actually sound really great! I'll be checking that out!!

  2. This is a great idea! I like your rubric and notes to help students "come prepared"... I know in 5th grade my students aren't terrible speakers but they don't always know what they need to do before they get up to speak or have a group discussion because they are so used to raising their hands or just talking in small group settings. I think this would help ease students into taking a more active role for those speaking and listening standards :)

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!
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