FINALLY: 5th Grade Interactive Math Notebooks!!!

It's been a busy start to the school year, but I finally finished the first edition of my 5th Grade Interactive Math Notebooks. These notebook pages combine the Common Core Standards from the domains: Operations & Algebraic Thinking and Number & Operations in Base Ten...
My husband is thrilled to start using them with his 5th graders! Check out some of the sample pages...

Parentheses, Brackets, & Braces (5.OA.1)
 Numerical Patterns, Ordered Pairs, and Coordinate Planes (5.OA.3)
 Powers of 10 (5.NBT.2)
 Rounding Decimals (5.NBT.4)
 Addition & Subtraction of Decimals (5.NBT.7)
 Multiplication of Decimals (5.NBT.7)
 And many more...

Visit my TpT store for more info and to preview more pages!


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  2. Thank you

    Welcome to the site of free books

  3. Please, please, please make a first grade math interactive notebook! :)

  4. I know! I've been anxiously awaiting 2nd grade, as well!

  5. Is the adding and subtracting decimals stuff in the interactive notebook? I didn't notice it on the preview

    1. Yes! Adding and subtracting decimals are included!!

  6. Just a math correction - when rounding decimals, you must not include the zero after the place value rounded.

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