Common Core Math {Outside of the Box}

This is my first year working with Common Core in my classroom. I have to say that I am truly enjoying these new standards in both Math and Language Arts. One of the features of the math standards, that I truly appreciate, but have also found challenging are the "Standards for Mathematical Practice". These standards require students to solve problems, reason, explain, model, use tools, look for patterns, and so much more. Now that I have become very comfortable with the standards themselves, I have been looking for ways for my students to take their understanding of math bit further. I created math pages to get my students thinking "outside of the box".
These pages ask my students to explain their understanding and strategies, while making observations. They also require students to reason to solve problems and find answers, and generate their own problems, based on their understanding. Here are some sample pages from each domain...
I plan to use these pages for students to complete in pairs or small groups. I may also use them at math centers, or as assessments. 

Visit my TpT Store for more info and to preview other pages! This product will be 20% off for today and tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!


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    1. My husband is a 5th grade teacher, so that's next on my to-do list!!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog a few days ago and I'm interested in your interactive notebooks on tpt. Do they TEACH the lesson? Right now we are doing online public school (3rd grade) with my son and I'm having a hard time learning what exactly they are trying to teach lol. I know how to answer the questions but not write out the equations/sentences/etc that they are looking for.

    I'm looking for extra help along with making it fun. Thanks!

  3. Do you have a third grade one?

  4. Just bought it! Thank you again for all of your help with getting me started on my kids' interactive math notebooks. This will be an awesome supplemental tool!

    Hope you're having a great year so far. We just finished 1st quarter in HI!


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