Problem Solving Tasks {to meet the Common Core "Standards for Mathematical Practice"}

I have been looking everywhere for problem solving activities to help support the Common Core "Standards for Mathematical Practice". Since I haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for, I decided to create exactly what I was looking for...
The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice require students to apply their understanding of math concepts and skills. These standards emphasize logical thinking, reasoning, and conceptual understanding. Students need prompts that go beyond basic word problems in order to meet these standards.

Here are some sample pages...
I plan to use these problem solving tasks in my classroom in a variety of ways. At first, I plan to use them whole-group and in small groups, to get students used to Problem Solving Procedures. Next, students will work on solving the tasks in pairs and small groups. Eventually, I would also like to use these for independent practice and as assessments. 

This collection also includes a handout on Problem Solving Procedures and a Problem Solving Rubric, which I plan to copy to the back of each problem solving task...
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Happy Problem Solving!!!


  1. these are awesome. I am working on this with my second graders. Going beyond a basic word problem! I need to make some for 2nd:)

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  2. Great stuff and just the kind of thing I need for my fourth and fifth graders. I'm also impressed with the layout of all your materials. What program are you using to make your worksheets?

    1. Thanks for your kind comments!! I use powerpoint to create all of my products and then convert them to PDFs when they are finished. I buy graphics and fonts from other teachers on TpT to spruce them up!! Hope that helps :)

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