Reading Portfolios- Part 3: Reading Responses {+ freebie}

This week I finally finished "Reading Portfolios" for my students to use this year for their independent and in-class reading. I wanted students to have a place where they could record and track their independent reading habits, take notes on reading strategies and skills, and respond to their in-class and independent reading.
I previously shared the first two parts of these portfolios: Reading Logs & Stats and Reading Anchor Charts. {Click on the links if you missed these posts!}

Today I wanted to share the final two parts: In-Class Reading Responses and Independent Reading Responses.
This first section was designed for students to record their in-class reading responses, based on the text, class/group discussions, and their own thoughts. 

I have also included a handout called “Writing Reading Responses”, to help students write meaningful and thorough responses.

The next section includes reading response pages that students can use to respond to their independent reading books. Students can respond here for homework or in class after reading their own books. These response pages address specific reading strategies and skills. Students can choose where and how to respond, or you can assign specific skills. There is a place for students to record the date and book they are reading for each response.

Click here or on the pics above for freebies and samples of these response pages.

Lastly, I created and Grading Sheet that can be used monthly, quarterly, or at the end of each semester.
For more details on my Reading Portfolios, visit my TpT page. Check out the preview to read the Teacher's Guide and to see what else is included. 

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