Loved That Lesson!! {Show What You Know}

I am so excited to link up with Meg over at The Teacher Studio for her "Love That Lesson" Linky!!!
This week I am keeping it nice and simple. My addition is not necessarily a "lesson", but actually an "assessment"! One that can be used to assess ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!!!
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For the last couple of weeks my 5th graders have been learning about wind and other weather patterns in science. While they have been engaged and enthusiastic about this topic, it's been a tough road getting them to truly understand it. While reviewing for our test on Friday, I was so surprised and thrilled with how far they had come and how much they had learned. I figured this would be a good time for them to "show what they know"...
Needless to say, I was absolutely floored by how much they knew and how well they presented their knowledge and understanding!!

I didn't want my 4th graders to feel left out, so they completed one on atoms {their current topic in science}!
This "Show What You Know" printable can be used with just about anything.  Students can "show what they know" about fractions, the 13 colonies, non-fiction text features.... This list goes on and on!!!

I love how this quick and simple assessment gives my students the opportunity to show what they've learned in a way that is meaningful to them. An added bonus is that it also allows them to show their creative sides!! While my students will still take a test on Wednesday to further assess their understanding, I already have a pretty great idea about what they know!!

What wonderful lessons have you LOVED lately? Be sure to link up with Meg over at The Teacher Studio!!