Make Your Masterpiece {TpT Seller Challenge}

The TpT Seller Challenge has been exactly what I have needed this summer. These challenges have pushed me to reimagine old products, set new goals, connect with new people, and to finally finish products I've been working on for much too long!!!

This latest challenge, "Make Your Masterpiece" gave me the push I needed to finally make progress with my Step-By-Step Informative Writing Tasks...
I am very excited about these writing tasks!! Since the transition to common core standards, I have been looking for tools and resources to integrate INFORMATIVE WRITING, in ways that are engaging and meaningful for students. These two writing tasks are the first of what will be a growing collection!!

These tasks all follow the same format, making it easy for students to become familiar with the process. Each writing task includes the following....

Step-By-Step Assignment Sheet- Students use this sheet to take them through the assignment, referring to it as they go, and checking off each step as it’s completed.
Note-Taking Pages for Gathering Information- Students use these pages to take notes as they research their topic and subtopics.
 Rough Draft Pages- These pages provide directions for writing each paragraph.
 Revise & Edit Checklist- The checklist can be found on the last rough draft page, and gives students ideas for revising and editing their essays.
 List of Transitional Words & Phrases- This list provides students with transitional words and phrases to use in their essays.
 Final Draft & Brochure Pages- Students can publish their final drafts in a variety of ways. They can use stationary, type and add pictures, or use the final draft or brochure pages provided. {If using the brochure pagesfold a piece of construction paper (9x12) into three equal parts. Students can then glue their cut-out pages onto the brochure}
 Scoring Sheet- A scoring sheet is provided for grades 3, 4, and 5. Each are based on the common core standards.

I can't wait to use these writing tasks with my 4th graders this year!!! I am also excited to explore more topics and create more tasks to add to the collection!!!

Head on over to my TpT store to check out these two new writing tasks!! They are on sale for the rest of the week!!

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I can't wait to see what everyone has created!!!