Back to School in a Flash: Teacher Faves!!

I love this time of year!! Ever since I was a kid, I have always been so excited about going back to school!! Now that I'm a teacher, I am still just as anxious to get back into the swing of things each year!! To start celebrating Back to School, I am linking up with Fancy Free in 4th, Ramona Recommends, and Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher for a series of Back-to-School linkys. Visit one of their blogs to learn more about "Back to School in a Flash".

This week is all about sharing "Teacher Faves".

Here are some of my favorite things....

My 31 bag is the perfect teacher bag!! It fits everything I need to tote to and from school each day. I use it to carry my computer, file folders of work to complete and grade, and my teacher planner. Plus, there are tons of pockets to hold my keys, phones, and all of those wonderful teacher supplies!!

Last year I finally splurged and got myself an Erin Condren teacher planner, and I absolutely loved it. I love the design and having just one place to keep everything organized!! This year I am job-sharing with a friend, and fellow colleague, so we are sharing one!!

I love color!! Some of my favorite supplies include astrobrights paper, flair pens, and post-its, of course!!  I love these "foxy" sticky notes that I found this year at Target!! Can't wait to find a fun use for them!!!

At recess time, I need a snack that fills me up until lunch, gives me energy to get through my day, and something that's not too heavy on the sugar!! My favorites are macadamia nuts and coconut chips!! Yum and super healthy!!!

Last, but not least.... Every teacher needs a pair {or two, or three!!} of cute and comfy shoes!! So important, since we spend so much time on our feet!! My Tieks were my best friends this past year!! My blacks are a bit worn, as I wore them practically every day last year!! I think I may need to treat myself to one more new pair for the upcoming school year!!

Now it's your turn!!! Use the image below to add your own back-to-school pics of your favorite things!!! Don't forget to link up below and check out other teacher favs!!


  1. I love healthy recess snacks that are quick- so I will def have to check those out. AND I may have to leave the house RIGHT NOW to run to Target and get those adorable foxy post it notes. I love foxes, my sons nursery is fox-ed out!
    Thanks for linking up!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. I adore my Erin planner too! I have been reading about Tieks because I find it difficult to find comfortable flat shoes. I just have to convince the husband....

    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

  3. I've been thinking about investing in some Tieks. They are just so dang expensive!!!! Do you have a color you recommend??


    1. I love them!! I find that I wear my black more than anything else!! They just seem to go with everything. But then again, I am pretty "plain Jane"!

  4. Where did you get your 31 bag? It is so cute! I've had to replace cheapy canvas bags every few months because I bring back and forth so much stuff!!
    I too have been thinking about Tieks. They're so cute!! But, it bit expensive. My biggest concern is sizing. Did you have a problem with that?

    Thank you! :)

    1. I ordered my 31 bag through a friend's party! I'm going on 2 years with it!! I also have an insert that helps me keep things organized. I love my Tieks!! I worried about sizing, since I have a very wide foot. Because of that, I went up 1/2 a size and they were perfect!!!

  5. I need some Flair pens! I almost bought some the other day but was afraid they'd bleed through. According to several blog posts that I've read lately, they don't. I really like your bag. Mine is old but sturdy and has "World's Greatest Teacher" embroidered on it. It was a gift from a student. :)
    Laughter and Consistency