Back to School Tips, Freebies, and a HUGE Giveaway

I'm teaming up with the wonderful teachers at Upper Elementary Snapshots to share some fabulous Back-to-School tips and tricks for the upcoming school year!! We are sharing tips, freebies, and having a week of giveaways, all to get you ready for BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

MY TIP: Always have plenty of "get-to-know-you" activities on hand to fill those first days. I like to find activities that are fun, engaging, somewhat academic, and which allow my students and me to share and learn about each other.

For years I have seen so many of these wonderful "Math About Me" and "Figure Me Out" posters on Pinterest.....
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I love these activities because they integrate a little math, they can be differentiated for a range of grade levels, they are fun for students, and they look amazing!!

I also love the idea of teachers creating their own, not only to model, but to share a bit about themselves!!

Today I am sharing a freebie I created to use this school year with my own students.
{Click on the pic to download!!}

This printable should be used with 2"x 2" post-its. Students start by drawing a picture of themselves in the middle. Then, they add their numbers in each box. Finally, they write expressions on post-its that equal the numbers in each box. I would suggest that students us a variety of operations, and encourage to challenge themselves.

These are great for students to share with each other. Plus, they will look amazing on a bulletin board for Back-to-School Night!! I hope you will be able to enjoy this freebie with your own class!!

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