Upper Elementary Tricks & Treats

Over at Upper Elementary Snapshots we have some TRICKS & TREATS up our sleeves!!!

We have put together a FREE eBook full of fabulous tricks and treats to celebrate the Halloween season.

For my contribution, I am sharing a fun Halloween-themed STEM activity. It's a twist on the marshmallow and toothpick tower challenge, using marshmallow candy corns!!

Students use toothpicks and candy corn marshmallows to build the tallest tower they can in 15 minutes. It's so fun to see what they come up with!! This sheet is great for planning and reflecting on this Halloween-themed challenge!!

Click here to grab this fun freebie, along with many other free Halloween goodies from Upper Elementary Snapshots!!


  1. Oh man, I'm totally doing this! Any excuse to buy candy. :) Thank you so much for the great idea and FREEBIE!


  2. That's a super cute idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

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