Frightening Figures of Speech

I absolutely love to celebrate holidays like Halloween in my classroom!! However, I always try very hard to keep our celebrations as "educational" and FUN as possible. Today I thought I would share a quick fun activity that I have used over the years to teach idioms, while also celebrating the Halloween season!!

Last year my students worked with "Frightening Figures of Speech". We spent time discussing different idioms with a Halloween theme.

After discussing their meanings, and writing sentences for the different idioms, my students got to spend more time with their favorite Frightening Figure of Speech!!

They wrote definitions and sentences, and then illustrated the idiom they chose. I love how we got to explore one of our language standards, while also having some Halloween FUN!!

You can find this activity, and many others for language arts and math in my Halloween Printable pack in my teacher shop. Click the pic below to learn more!!!

Hope you and your students have a Happy Halloween!!!