Earth Day Case File {FREEBIE!!}

Earth Day is the perfect time to get students thinking about the world we live in, the threats to our environment, and the different ways that we can all work to take better care of our planet.

Last year, I had my students create Case Files for different environmental causes. It was a great way to recognize Earth Day and practice research skills at the same time!!

We started by brainstorming and discussing the different threats to our environment. We had some great "cause and effect" discussions!!

Next, my students chose one environmental cause that they wanted to research further. Being from Southern California, many of my students chose to explore water conservation, as we were experiencing a severe drought at the time.

My students mostly used online resources to gather their information. As they explored different websites for their cause, they took notes, focusing on the following....

  1. What is the cause?   
  2. How can I help and get involved?
  3. What are some important statistics to support my cause?

Once they had enough information compiled, my students wrote about why they chose their cause, and also wrote a paragraph describing their cause. They shared how they could help and get involved, and listed important statistics. They put all of this together in "case files" and added color to make them pop!! We finished them off with labels with their "case numbers" AKA student numbers! Here are a few samples....

If you're looking for a way recognize and celebrate Earth Day with your upper grade students, this is a great project to get them involved!! I know that my class will definitely be doing this again this year!!
{Click the pic to download this FREEBIE!!}

Happy Earth Day!!