Setting the Tone with Scary Stories

I love a good scary story!! Especially during this time of year. The weather is starting to cool down, leaves are falling from the trees, and the days are getting a bit gloomier!! With Halloween upon us, it's the perfect time to break out those scary stories in the classroom. I am thrilled to share with you some favorites from my 5th grade classroom!!

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Old School Scary Stories

The books from the Scary Stories series are classics, and although they've been around FOREVER, my students still gravitate to them each and every year around this time. If you have been living under a rock, and have never heard of them, these books are retellings of popular folklore, and they are downright scary!! (At least they were for me as a kid!!)

Gives Me the Goosebumps!! 

My students go CRAZY for the Goosebumps books all year long, but especially around Halloween!! R.L. Stine has a knack for writing scary stories and there are tons of them to choose from!! Click the affiliate links below to learn more.


Short and Scary!

Short & Shivery is a collection of 30 short stories that work great as read-alouds for the month of October. I like to read one a day set the mood and tone for our upcoming Harvest Festival and Halloween!! Click the affiliate links below to learn more.


New Scary Favorites

These are the newest additions to my scary stories collection!! A fellow teacher blogger from Literacy For Big Kids recently shared these on Instagram, and of course, I ordered them right away!! They just arrived and I already have a waitlist!!! I am loving the descriptive stories and black and white illustrations!! Click the affiliate links below to learn more.

43 Old Cemetery Road

Students of mine have been reading the series 43 Old Cemetery Road for the past several years. Each book in this series contains a collection of letters, postcards, newspaper articles, and other documents and means of correspondence, which are weaved together to tell a story. Students absolutely love this format and the stories that are told!! Click the affiliate links below to learn more.



One final scary stories series is the Ghosthunters series by Cornelia Funke. While I have never read any of these, my students swear by them, especially around Halloween. These stories tend to be both scary and silly!! Click the affiliate links below to learn more.


I love having scary stories available in my upper grade classrooms for my students to enjoy in October, and even throughout the school year. Of course it's important to keep in mind that scary stories (and even Halloween) are not for everyone!! I always do a quick discussion with students about how or if they want to read these stories. Overall, my students tend to devour these scary stories in the month of October, and can never seem to get enough!!

I would love to hear about any favorite scary stories that you or your students might have!! Please share them in the comments!!