Character is Key: Promoting Character in the Classroom

As teachers, we are tasked with teaching so many different concepts and skills. We spend countless hours planning and implementing academic lessons that will prepare our students for the lives ahead of them. But for me personally, there is no task more important than teaching my students to be good people.

While there may be no standards for kindness, no curriculum to teach empathy, and no lessons on courage, teaching these character traits should not be overlooked in our classrooms. If we want to prepare our students to meet the world with confidence and success, we need to teach and show them how to be good citizens.

During uncertain times, we find that our students look to us for answers on how to react to the words and actions that they see from others on the news, and in their own lives. While we may not always have the answers, we can help them to build strong character traits, to face the world around them, and to make good choices about the people that they hope to become.

Today I am joining fellow Teacher-Bloggers and TpT Authors in sharing ways to promote kindness in students throughout our nation. Throughout social media, you may already be seeing the hashtags, #kindnessnation and #weholdthesetruths appear in your feeds. These hashtags will lead you to FREE resources that you can use in your own classroom to teach and promote kindness and tolerance.

Today I am sharing a tab book that I created to promote positive character traits in my own classroom...

[Click HERE to download]

This resource covers seven different character traits. It is meant to encourage students to discuss these traits and reflect on what each trait means to them. Each page provides a title, quote, and space for a definition. Students can also draw an illustration to show what each trait looks like to them. There is also space for students to list ways to show each character trait....

In implementing this resource, I would suggest focusing on one trait per week. I would encourage you to read a variety of picture books on each trait, throughout the week to encourage and facilitate discussion. You may want to complete a different part of these pages each day, ending the week with ways to show the trait from that week!

I hope that you will find this resource valuable in teaching and fostering these character traits in your students. Be sure to visit TpT and search #kindnessnation and #weholdthesetruths for other great resources shared by so many!!