Smashing Strategies for Guided Math: Daily Reflections

This is our final week of sharing Smashing Strategies for Guided Math!! In my previous two posts, I discussed different options for Math Warm-Ups and Incorporating Interactive Notebooks into Guided Math. Today I am excited to share how you can use Daily Reflections to wrap up your math block!!

For my final post on Guided Math strategies, it is only fitting that I share ways to wrap up or end your math block. Daily Reflections are a great way for students to think back to what they learned, practiced, and experienced during math. Prompts for math reflections can take many different forms. Here is just a selection ideas...

  • Pose a math problem for students to solve that is related to a concept or skill covered during the math block.
  • Ask students to rate their understanding of a new concept or skill.
  • Ask students to share challenges or successes from the day.
  • Discuss new math vocabulary.
  • Ask students to describe a strategy.
Daily reflections are very powerful in getting students to talk about math, while also changing their mindset and feelings about math. Daily Reflections can be done in a few different ways...

Whole Group Discussion
Your daily math block often gets very busy!! There's lots of movement throughout the room, transitions from one activity to another, and a lot of groundwork that is covered in just one math block. Sometimes it's nice to come back together as one big group to discuss what was learned and what was accomplished during math. Whole group discussion is a great time for students to share and discuss new strategies that they learned that day.

Small Group Discussion
Small group discussion can be a lot more personal and a lot less intimidating for struggling students, or those that are reluctant to share in a whole group setting. Small groups might be table groups, or just seat partners. This is a great time for students to share challenges they faced, ask questions of their classmates, and share what they learned.

Math Journals
Following whole group or small group discussions, it's always beneficial for students to reflect and write down their thoughts and ideas in a math journal. Math journals are usually a place where students solve problems and take notes. However, it's a great idea for students to have a space in their journal where they can record their reflections each day. Group discussions often serve as a catalyst for getting students to think and reflect. However, journals allow students to share more personal reflections. Journals are a great way to connect with students when you conference, in order to see how they are feeling about math.

Here is a FREE printable to guide group discussions and student journals!!

I hope that you will be able to incorporate Daily Math Reflections into your own math block. Be sure to check out the other links below for some great ideas related to Guided Math!!

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